Panteli the most popular resort of Leros

panteli lerosPanteli, a traditional fishing village with a particularly beautiful beach, is the most picturesque seaside village on Leros. The resort of Panteli located within the bay of the same name, very close to Agia Marina, the main town of the island.

Panteli is a small, picturesque village with a genuine island character with old traditional houses, boats, fish taverns that make up an idyllic picture with the background of the blue sea! Above Panteli is the imposing Byzantine castle of Panagia and the Windmills, which you should definitely visit. In this seaside village you will find the second most popular beach of Leros.

It has a relatively small beach, with the length of the coast reaching 200-250 meters and the width 5- 6 meters. The beach is covered with fine sand and small pebbles, which continues at the bottom of the sea. Its blue crystal waters are quite shallow in the first meters, which makes it ideal for families with small children.


The beach of Panteli

panteli-beachPart of the beach is organized, providing all the necessary service infrastructure for bathers. You will find umbrellas and sunbeds, but also free space for those who wish to place their own equipment on the shore, showers, changing rooms, beach bars for refreshing drinks and cocktails, restaurants and fish taverns where you can try fresh seafood.

Next to the beach, you will also find hotel units and rental accommodation if you want to stay at the area. Snorkeling enthusiasts, don’t forget to bring the right equipment to enjoy the beauty of the seabed. In the center of the beach, there are jetties for mooring small boats and at its eastern end fishing and small pleasure boats are moored.

Access to the beach of Panteli is by road via the main road, while you can also reach it on foot because it is only 1.6 kilometers from Agia Marina and a few hundred meters from Platanos.

What to do

panteli-at-noonEnjoy local cuisine in Panteli at the restaurants of Psaropoula, Zorbas, Patimenos and Pyrofani. Have a snack at the Tzoumas Cafe. Buy genuine greek design women’s clothing from the boutiue Ageri.

Walk along the promenade in the morning hours and watch the fishermen spread their nets, hook their lines or paint their boats. Later on enjoy your ouzo with mezes at the cafes on the beach.

If you like fishing with a rod, walk to the edge of the marina in the afternoon and fish for mullet and bream which abound at this time!

At night when the sea is warmer, an evening swim is the best way to cool down on hot summer evenings!

Where to stay

At Panteli you will find the Panteli beach hotel, further on the road Rosa’s rooms offer budget accommodation and Kavos apartments at the end of the beach offers apartments with amazing views on the whole gulf of Panteli.


If you are a good swimmer you can swimm to the next beach of Vromolithos that is hidden behind the rocks of the west side of the beach right behind the cafeteria Kastelo. A small path also leads to that beach.
There is a small basket ball area on the road that leads to Platanos.
You can go up th The Castle of Leros from Panteli by car or walking up the 300 steps from Platanos.