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Just a few years ago back in the 70’s  Leros had a couple of Hotels like the Hotel Panteli  and Hotel Leros in Lakki .Anyway today Leros has developed its tourist industry and a search for Leros accommodation or Leros Hotels brings up 2-3 million results, it makes you wonder how many hotels are on Leros what is the capacity of accommodations in Leros? The answer is simple Leros has a capacity of 3000 beds ,the most of the Hotels are in Alinda and some at Lakki and Vromolithos.  If you come to Leros without an accommodation reservation that is not a problem upon your arrival on the Port of Lakki or Agia Marina don’t hesitate to ask for accommodation one of the friendly Lerians that carries a small template written “ROOMS TO LET” usually you will find the cheapest accommodation. At places Like Panteli you will find the cheapest accommodation in furnished apartments rooms and studios away from the package tourism.

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