Excursions in Leros

Leros itself has much to offer. You can go for walks and excursions to Laki, Krithoni, Panteli and many other walks around the island. For those who have a boat the island is really a paradise to get to know it by sea. The islet of Agia Kyriaki opposite Panteli, is a popular picnic destination and for gathering sea urchins and fishing. Climb up the stairs to the chapel of Agia Kyriaki and enjoy the view. You can have a picnic on the rocks or outside the chapel.

The islet near Ayia Kyriaki, Pigianousa, it is also another place for excursions combined with bathing, diving and you will definitely take out many sea urchins. Leaving Pigianousa, just opposite, on the island of Leros there is a stunning fine gravel beach created by the fine gravel that the torrents descend in winter. Crystal clear waters and above all quiet because the beach is only accessible by boat.
Vourlidia is 500 meters away and you can go by boat or by car from the upper road to the right of Agyra turn as you come from Lakki.

agios isidorosAnother beautiful area for excursion is Saint Isidorus. You can go by car. The chapel is located on a small island that joins the land by a small stone quay like a bridge. From there you will have a wonderful view of Gourna bay and the Aegean Sea. for swimming there are several sandy beaches with fine sand and reeds towards Kokkalis and Gourna.
At the south end of the gulf of Gourna there is another place ideal for a day trip, Drimonas. It is a small fishing village with a small beach and some taverns to enjoy fresh fish or ouzo.

Plefouti is another area very popular in Leroy for excursions especially on the clear second. A trip to Plefouti can be combined with a visit to the ancient fort that might have been a temple dedicated to Artemis and is just before the Parthenon Airport. Do not miss the church of Agia Kioura at Parthenis where all frescoes have been made by political exiles at the time of the dictatorship. In Plefouti you will swim and relax under the trees of the beach.

A splendid route if you have a car or motorbike is the one that passes over the hills in the center of Leros starting from Lakki to Gourna through Plaka and the route from the left turn of the road to Ankara towards Mylo where you will have a magnificent view of the rural Leros with green slopes, farmhouses and fields on the slopes. The view of the Aegean as you go down to Gourna is a magic especially the sunset that has nothing to envy from the sunsets in the Cyclades Islands.

lakiIn Lakki there are countless points for picnics and a trip to the west towards Merkies and Katsouni the cape that is located in the bay of the port of Lakki.
The whole area is full  pine trees and palm trees and you will find plenty of isolated bays ideal for swimming and  diving, fishing and nudism. On the hill in Katsouni you will find the ruins of the fortifications of the Italians from the Second World War and the bases of anti-aircraft guns.

Panagia Kavouradena in Xerokambos is another place where you can go for a trip, visit the small church built on the rock and camp on the small beach right next to you, you can swim and gather crabs. The excursion can be combined with a visit to the prehistoric Paliokastro on which there are the ruins of Cyclopean walls and the chapel of Panagia.

The boat Barbarossa in the summer makes daily trips to the small islands north of Leros such as Marathi, Aspronissia, Tiganaki and Lipsi. Every day there is a different route and you can find it in the mornings at Barbarossa anchorage in Agia Marina.

During the excursion, you will swim and taste Leros goulash with ouzo that you offer free of charge, then you will go to eat at one of the islets or in Marathi or Lipsos. An excursion to Barbarossa is for those who want to experience the smaller islands. You can also take a nightly tour of Leros full moon with the same boat.

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