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Where to swimm in Leros

Leros has a lot of small and wonderful beaches.  Across its long coast line the visitor will find remote or well organized beaches.  Some with sand some with pebbles and others with rocks. All ideal for diving and snorkeling.

panteliPANTELI BEACH: The beach of Panteli has been developed the last 3 years to a modern organized beach with umbrellas, sun beds, showers and water sport facilities. From your sun bed you can order refreshments from the near by cafes and bars, like Siroko.  After Zorbas the beach is sandy without umbrellas and is ideal for families, the cafe Tzoumas offers umbrellas for free. If you coming with a yacht you can just dive in the blue crystal waters from your boat.


alindaALINDA BEACH: The long but narrow stretch of Alnda beach offers  well organized beach facilities, many trees and all kind of shops just a few meters away,  water sports include wind surfing and canoing.

Near by the beach of Alinda there are many hotels, studios and other accommodations

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gurnaGURNA BEACH: The beach of Gurna one of the longest sandy beaches of Leros has been developed the last years to an organized beach.

There are umbrellas, sun beds, a nice restaurant  and a cafeteria where you can relax after swimming. You can get there following the road from Alinda – Airport and turn at the first roundabout towards Gurna.

In Gurna there are a few accommodation units. Read more


VROMOLITHOS: One of the most wonderful beaches of Leros, quite with shallow waters that become suddenly deep  after a few meters, therefore you should pay attentions if you have small children, at the beginning of the beach , under the bar Del Mar there is a stretch of sand as well as at the end of the beach near Tourkopigado. There are umbrellas and sun beds.


DYO LISGARIA: Together with Panagies the two small beach locate at the north end of the bay of Alinda. At Dyo Lisgaria there are umbrellas and sun beds as well as restaurants and bars.

dio lisgaria

KOULOUKI BEACH: The nearest beach of Laki just a few meters away from the port, the east part has thin sand and many eucalyptus trees, unfortunately the sea currents have washed out the sand under the restaurant bar Koulouki. Next to Koulouki is the small picturesque beach of the Yacht federation.


MERKIES BEACH: One km from Laki is the beach of Merkies a pebble beach with tamarisc trees favourite among local families, there is a restaurant and a bar.


BLEFUTI BEACH: Located at the north part of Leros after the airport and Partheni, a long stretch with pebbles and tamarisk trees, there are umbrellas, a restaurant and a bar.


XIROKAMBOS BEACH: The beach of Xirokambos located at the south part of the island about 3 km from Laki and 7 from Platanos, partly is sandy and pebbles, there is a diving school , taverns and bars.

kokali beachKokali beach located next to Gurna beach to the north starting near to the small  church of Agios Isidoros, while Drymonas beach located to the south of Gurna.

Other beaches you will find north east of Vromolithos, Tourkopigado, Vourlidia and Agios Georgios. After Merkies in Laki there are many small bay and beaches. The small beach of Crithoni  just before Alinda and the small beach of Agia Marina to the west of the port towards Alinda after the police building.

Red Beach : After Merkies on the way to Cape Katsouni there is a small secluded beach named Kokkina from the red color of the area

red beach






Kryfos Beach : One of the few nude beaches of Leros after the beach of Dyo Lisgaria, you can get there also by boat. There’s a small kiosk with refreshments.
kryfos beach

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