Map of Leros

Leros island is one of the 12 main Dodecanese islands, located between Patmos and Kalymnos in the South east Part of the Aegean sea.

Its surface is about 54 square kilometres with a length of 15 km and a least width of 1,5 km about. Its coast line is about 46 kilometres, that makes the island a lace of small bays and capes ideal for swimming ,diving and fishing. Leros two main Ports are Lakki in the south west part of the island and Agia Marina in the middle.

The gulfs of Alinda,Panteli ,Vromolithos,Gurna,Plefuti and Xirokambos are ideal for water sports and swimming as well with the smaller beaches of Merkies, Panagies and Koulouki.

The island is surrounded by numerous smaller islands ideal for daily tours like Archangellos, Marathi, Aspronisia, Tiganakia, Agia Kyriaki and Pigianousa.

The highest mountain of Leros is Kleidi over the gulf of Alinda. Other mountains of Leros are Apitiki where the Castle of Panagia situated over Panteli, Tsigounas, Diapori and Skoumbarda in the South part of the island and Merovigli over Spilia and Platanos. Leros has many springs of fresh water. The Geographical shape of the island has given to Leros many beautiful bays and beaches.