About Leros

Leros located in the Dodecanese about 180 nautical miles from Athens, near to Patmos and Lipsi to the north and Kalymnos, Kos to the south. Leros capital city is Platanos that in recent years has been connected with Agia Marina in the north and Panteli to the south on both sides of the slopes of Apitiki hill where is the Castle of Virgin Mary.
Krithoni and Alinta are a few km away from Agia Marina and they are also popular tourist resorts with many hotels. Panteli is the picturesque fishing village of the island with a well organised beach, fishing boats and several taverns and cafes as well as several rooms and self catering accommodations. Vromolithos located next to Panteli, has a good beach and some hotels and apartments. Other resorts on the island is Xerokampos to the south, with a nice beach, from here you can go to Kalymnos by boat. Gourna to the west side of the island has a huge sandy beach. The areas of the north, where is the airport of Leros, includes Partheni and Plefouti with a beautiful beach with pebbles and trees for shade


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There are many beaches in Leros, almost for every taste, most of them well organized in like in Alinda, Panteli, Vromolithos, Gourna, Xerokampos, Blefouti, Two Lisgaria. In many there are tavernas bars and canteens as well as umbrellas with sun beds. Most of them have sand or pebbles. But if you want to explore the island, you will discover innumerable small secluded beaches only for you, especially if you have a boat or you like hiking. Other small beaches can be found in Tourkopigado and Vourlidia opposite Panteli. The road after the harbour of Laki towards Merkies and further to the cape Katsouni  it will lead you to innumerable small bays and secluded beaches among the pine trees. Read more

Getting to Leros

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Leros has an Airport which connects daily the island with Athens the Capital city of Greece. Leros island has also daily connections by ferry boats and hydrofoils to Piraeus and most of the Greek islands of Dodecanese like Patmos ,Kalymnos, Lipsi, Samos, Kos (read about Kos), Rhodes, Symi and Nisyros. We hope that soon you will visit that small paradise in the Aegean sea, the island of the Goddess of hunting-Diana. Leros has been neglected from tourism until the beginning of the 70’s .The last 30 years though the Europeans mostly Italians ,Scandinavians ,Germans ,French and British has discovered that small Paradise that has a particular beauty that is difficult to find on other islands. Leros is a Green island in contrast with the most of the Dodecanese or Cyclades that most of there islands are rocky and dry. You can see obvious the difference as the ferry boat enters the gulf of Laki or if you are coming with the Hydrofoil from Kalymnos to Leros how the nature changes while approaching Leros having a panoramic view at the bays of Vromolithos and Panteli and then entering the port of Agia Marina at the bay of Alinda. Small hills covered from Eucalypt ,Pines and Tamarisk trees ,small beaches hidden on small bights ,an oasis for the tourist that wants something different from the typical major tourist islands like Creta, Rhodes, Kos, Cefalonia CorfuMykonos or the volcanic island and most unique of all Santorini . Leros and its people have kept there local character unspoiled from the package holiday tourism.

Getting around

West of Agia Marina the road goes to Krithoni and Alinda and from there to Gourna, Kamara, Airport, Partheni and Blefouti, while to the south by Platanos the road goes to Panteli, Spilia, Vromolitho, Turkopigado (to the left of Angyra) and continues to Lakki, Xerokambos to the south and Merkies to the west of Lakki. From Lakki starts from the height of the children hospital the road to Gourna, Agios Isidoros and Kamara, which is a beautiful route. Also the road that goes to Merkies reaches the entrance of the bay at Cape Katsouni from where you can admire panoramic views of the Aegean Sea, Kalymnos and Kos.
The road network started by the Italians and perfected in the later years, it is quite good, just before Platanos at Spilia, the road narrows for a few meters as well as in the turn from Agia Marina to Alinda where there is a lot of traffic in the summer especially when local ships arrive, all the other roads are relatively comfortable. read more

Tourism in Leros

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Although the island was neglected for many years from domestic and international tourism, the last 20 years Leros became a favourite place for many foreign and Greek tourists who have found here a real paradise because the island has its own unique characteristics, culture and architecture and is unspoiled from package tourism. Leros is green, has excellent road network and is one of the few Greek islands, which is alive during summer and winter due to the fact that many Greeks from the mainland living and working here. This is mainly because the island has many public services that employs a large proportion of the population. do not be surprise to learn that Leros after Crete is the richest area in of Greece in per capita income. For these reasons, the island does not rely solely on tourism as many other Greek islands. Do not expect to find on Leros the same tourism that you will find in Skiathos , Paros, Naxos Skopelos, Zante, Mykonos or Santorini, the island of Leros is for rest and relaxation.
In recent years the Greeks have discovered this small paradise, and many people have bought cottages and villas. The island’s tourist promotion from the local authorities, celebrity weddings on the island and the filming of television series on Leros has increase the domestic tourism significantly.

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Book Leros hotels

The island has several tourist units, hotels, rooms, studios, furnished apartments and a camping site. Click on the map to book on line .

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