Panteli Leros

Panteli is the traditional fishing village of Leros. Its unique and genuine atmosphere made it the most popular place for locals and tourists. Small taverns and cafeterias next to the sea, fishing boats next to luxury yachts, fishermen to knit their nets or to bind their fishing lines.

Once you arrive at Panteli you feel at home, the locals keep living in harmony with the summer tourist crowds and will always tell you a good day anywhere you meet them, very often they may invite you for a glass of ouzo or retsina in the café or simply for a good company. This hospitable mindset is presented throughout Greece and the Greek islands and is to some extent one of the main factors that attracts tourism to Greece, apart from the sunshine and the ideal Mediterranean climate.

In Panteli you will go for swimming eating and clubbing in Ammos or Savanna bar. Early the eateries and taverns will take their tables to the beach and wait for their clientèle. If you like fishing with a rod  from the beach you will probably catch mullets, or sea bash and if you are good maybe some sea breams.


Psaropoula : Host Apostolis Karpathakis and cook his wife Evangelia, traditional Greek cuisine .Specialities include Lobster with Spaghetti, traditional grilled octopus, sea urchins and salted mackerel.

Zorbas : Next to Psaropoula is another old established restaurant with Greek cuisine

El Greco :  One more haut cuisine restaurant on the beach of Panteli. Great specialties a mixture of European and Greek cuisine

Pyrofani :  Traditional seafood tavern on the beach next to El Greco.

Tzoumas cafe One of the oldest cafes in Panteli with amazing  Mezes (Greek tapas ) between Ammos and El Greco at the main dock of Panteli

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Shopping : At Ageri boutique you will find women’s latest fashion from Greek designers and Greek materials as well as decoration items. There are two mini markets offering a lot of essential products for cooking and fruits  as well.

For traditional Leros sweets and cakes try the shop Sweet Leros. 

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