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sunrisePanteli is the traditional fishing village of Leros. Its unique and genuine atmosphere made it the most popular place for locals and tourists. Small taverns and cafes by the sea, fishing boats next to luxury yachts, fishermen knitting their nets or tossing their longlines. At Panteli you might see many times dinner by the sea with the tables inside the crystal waters as you can see in the next box hosting by Apostolis owner of taverna Psaropoula.


panteli peoleOnce you arrive at Panteli you feel at home, the locals keep living in harmony with the summer tourist crowds and will always tell you a good day anywhere you meet them, very often they may invite you for a glass of ouzo or retsina in the cafe or simply for a good company. This hospitable mindset is presented throughout Greece and the Greek islands and is to some extent one of the main factors that attracts tourism to Greece, apart from the sunshine and the ideal Mediterranean climate.


In Panteli you will go for swimming and eating. From 6 pm restaurants and taverns are placing their tables by the beach and wait for their clientele. if you like fishing with a fishing line or fishing reed from the beach you will fish a lot of mullets, and if you are good maybe sea bass or seabream.
At night you can enjoy drinks and cocktails at Ammos bar, Savana bar, Castelo and Siroko bar and of course at the oldest and most popular Savana bar.
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