Informasion abou diving and scuba dive on Leros

diving in lerosThe sea around Leros is ideal for diving because it has great visibility, it reaches up to 50 m. in depth and wonderful seabeds with a rich ecosystem, caves, reefs, shipwrecks. There are private diving centers on the island capable of providing you with the necessary equipment for underwater explorations.

At a depth of 20 m. near the islet of Strogyli, a German landing craft of type “H” is found cut in half. In Partheni, near the Korais cape, a Greek barge commandeered by the Italians for anti-submarine warfare has sunk. The wreck is adjacent to a fish farm and visibility is limited.

At the bottom of the entrance to the port in Lakki are still wrapped in huge balls anti-submarine nets that the Italians had installed with the outbreak of the Second World War for the safety of their navas.

At the bottom of Lakki, the show is stolen by the wreck of the legendary destroyer Vasilissa Olga, at a depth of 30 m. It was the pride of the Greek fleet. He successfully flew hundreds of combat missions from the Adriatic to the Indian ocean until September 1943 when he was surprised by a swarm of German ‘Junger-88’ bombers.

At the bottom of Blefouti beach, at a depth of 17m, is the fuselage of a Henkell 111 bomber, and in the port of Rina, close to the coast, is sunken the Italian steamship “Ivorea”.

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