Leros night life bars and clubs

leros nightlife

For those looking for entertainment and lively nightlife, Leros has a very interesting face to show. Bars and nightclubs, with foreign and Greek music, taverns with live folk music and traditional lerian songs entertain even holidaymakers until late at night and often until dawn in Pandeli, Agia Marina, Alinda and Lakki.

Unlike other Greek islands, Leros has nightlife all year round. Of course, don’t expect to find in Leros the intense nightlife like in Mykonos and Santorini or , but in Winter and Summer the Lerios will go to the restaurants, cafes, bars and nightclubs just like the Athenians.

psaropoulaLeros is a rich island and does not depend on mass tourism, thus giving the visitor the opportunity to enjoy the nightlife in a friendly and welcoming environment. In every area you will find the small idyllic coffee bar and fish taverns.

Agia Marina is the center of nightlife and a meeting point for young people with dance bars such as Apothiki, Meltemi, Harama, Faros, Thalassa, Remezzo and many other bars that are open until dawn.

In Pandeli you will enjoy soft music with drinks and food in Sorocco bar which has the most beautiful view on the seafront, while on the other side of the beach is the Savana bar with a wonderful garden and a variety of foreign music with rock, jazz and blues.

leros nightlifeIn Alinda you will find the Alalum beach bar with Greek music and next door Cosmopolitan, Palatino and others.

In Vromolithos you will find the bar Del Mar with a beautiful view in the evenings and a little closer the Taverna Paradisos with folk music every night by the bouzouki artist Stamatis Makris.

In Lakki, the cafe Kinezos and Finikas offer coffee ice cream and relaxation. Nights with live music are often organized in Leon Cafe at the Port. In the two Lysgaria beach, Zefyros bar organizes beach parties.