The Chapel of Agios Isidoros in Leros

agios isidoros

The small churche of Agios Isidoros on the bay of Gurrna its a unique place to visit. The small chapel has been built on a small rock 50 meters about away from the land, you can walk though on the small dock and get to the church.

The view is amazing especially at sunset, its a perfect place for daily excursions and walk across the gurna bay

Agios Isidoros of Leros, is a beautiful church located on a rock in the gulf of Gourna on the west coast. Built on the site of an ancient temple, it has a wonderful view, especially at sunset.

If what you have seen so far is not enough for you and you are wondering what more there is to see in Leros, you must go to the charming little chapel of Agios Isidoros which is the most picturesque church in Leros. It is located in the bay of Gourna, half a kilometer from the small village of Kokkali.

It is built on a cliff connected to the rest of the island by a narrow passage, which makes it easily accessible on foot. The passage can be wet and slippery in places.

Once you cross the causeway there are still a few steps to go up to the church. In the main part of the church, around the walls, there are icons and religious decorations. The most ornate part is the golden lamp that hangs from the ceiling.

Agios Isidoros is built on the site of an ancient temple, the ruins of which are still visible behind the altar.

agios isidoros