The fishing village of Partheni in Leros

partheniPartheni is located on the northern side of Leros after Kamara, a few kilometers from Alinda. It is a small fishing village in a large bay like a lake because in front is the island of Archangelos. Partheni is home to the airport of Leros, the temple of Artemis, a large marina for yachts and a marina for boats.

During the dictatorship, political prisoners were imprisoned in the buildings that today house a unit of the Greek army. Among them are Yiannis Ritsos, Manolis Glezos who, together with Antonis Karagiannis and Kyriakos Tsakiris, conceived the idea of ​​painting the church of Agia Kiouras.

In Partheni there are many apiaries and fields as well as a large dam whose purpose was to collect water from the slopes of Mount Klidiou. Unfortunately the dam was a colossal failure and all it did was a big hole not in the water but in the land that spoiled the beauty of the landscape.

The ruins of Artemis temple in Partheni