Partheni Leros

partheniPartheni is located on the north side of Leros after Kamara, a few kilometers from Alinda. It is a small fishing village in a big bay almost like a lake. In Partheni located the airport of Leros with daily connections to Athens. A few hundreds meters from the airport are the ruins of the ancient Temple of Artemis., a yacht marina and a small shipyard .

In the buildings that today housing a unit of the Greek Army, during the dictatorship were prisons of political prisoners. Among them, Yiannis Ritsos, Manolis Glezos, who with Antonios Karagiannis and Kyriakos Tsakiris had the idea of ​​hagiography of the church of Agia Kioura.

In Partheni, there are many beekeepers and fields as well as a large dam designed to collect water from the slopes of Klidi Mountain. Unfortunately the dam was a pathetic failure and all it did was a big hole in the land that spoiled the beauty of the landscape.

The ruins of the temple of Artemis


artemis temple partheni

View of the Airport of Leros and the yacht marina

partheni marina

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