The beach of Vromolithos in Leros

vromolithos beachVromolithos is one of the most beautiful beaches of Leros. It is very close to Panteli and you can take panoramic photos by taking a short walk on the little red road that starts from Kastelo in Panteli and reaches the side of the bay of Vromolithos.

In the last 10 years, Vromolithos has evolved from a small settlement with two or three houses into a tourist resort with holiday villas mainly for foreigners, hotels, accommodation units, apartments, restaurants and bars. This resulted in the area losing its natural beauty and the worst thing is that there are only two accesses to the beach, one from the entrance of the Paradisos restaurant and another from the alley next to the Pigadi restaurant.

Fortunately, the beach has remained as it used to be and is organized with umbrellas and sunbeds. At its northern and southern ends there is fine sand and in the greater part it has fine pebbles. There are some tamarinds for shade. You can go from Spilia and Panteli.

In Vromolithos you will find the two restaurants we mentioned above as well as the restaurant of Flagos a few meters from Pigadi on the beach and a small bar at the northern end.


Vromolithos beach map