What are the best beaches in Leros ?

leros beachesThe beaches of Leros are to be found around the 78 km of lacy shores with small and secluded bays and coves that surround the island. There are several beaches mainly with pebbles and some with sand.

Many of them are organized with umbrellas and sunbeds and other tourist facilities mainly in Alinda, Panteli beach, Gurna, Blefuti and elswhere.

 Alinda is the favourite beach for tourists, it is organised with umbrellas and a narrow sandy beach. A little further down from Alinda, Dyo Liskaria is a small beach with a café-bar. Hikers, on the other hand, prefer Kryfos.

Merikia to the south is a narrow sandy beach with a nice beach bar. Cross it and take the dirt road. On the second dirt road on the left you will find a beautiful and quiet pebble beach. Boats make daily itineraries to the surrounding small islands with the exotic waters from Agia Marina, while from Partheni you have the possibility to rent a private boat for the island of Archangelos.

leros beachThe nearest beach to the main port of Lakki is Koulouki, 500 metres west along the coast. A taverna opens in the summer months and pine trees offer shade from the midday sun.

If you don’t want to be bothered by the comings and goings of the ferries, travel another kilometre further west to the beach at Merikia which also has a beach bar.

Panteli and Vromolithos, three kilometres north east of Lakki, are on the shoreline of beautiful Pandeli Bay which is the island’s fastest growing resort area. Panteli is a picturesque fishing village where the local fishermen spread their nets on the pier and visiting yachties from Kos, Rhodes and Turkey, come ashore to taste  fresh seafood at the local restaurants. There are some fine fresh fish tavernas here with tables right on the beach. Try Psarapoula for superb seafood and traditional greek cuisine or head further to Pyrophani for fish specialities .  

vromolithos beachNeighbouring Vromolithos, a short walk south west along the coast, is a lovely shingle beach backed by hillsides studded with ancient oak trees. Like many of the island’s beaches, you have to cross a sharp reef to reach deep water.

One kilometre north of the island’s capital Platanos lies the pretty port of Agia Marina, dominated by the 11th century byzantine castle and six windmills on the hill.

This is the entry and exit point for catamarans and fast boats.  It’s one of the best places for morning waand has the only nightlife to speak of but the more popular beaches lie north west along the bay. There are two small beaches here, one on the way to Alinda and another next to the port.

The beach of Agia Kiura with its turquoise waters, located at the north of the island near Partheni where you can go from a small dirt road. Of course, it is tiny and easy to fill. Going down, stop at the church of the same name with the special paintings.

North Leros beaches

Alinda, three kilometres north west of Agia Marina, is the island’s longest establishment seaside resort and boasts the best tourist facilities include a wealth of watersports, leisure activities, hotels and tavernas. The long, tree-lined sandy beach gets busy in high season but if you walk beyond the main resort area you’ll be able to find some quieter coves.

Nearby Krithoni attracts not only sun worshippers but also visitors to the War Cemetery, on the waterfront, which contains the graves of 179 British, two Canadian and two South African servicemen.

blefuti-beachAt the northern end of the island there’s tranquil Blefoutis Beach, shaded by tamarisk trees and overlooking a huge, virtually landlocked bay.

The main beach of Partheni Bay, to the west of Blefoutis, is less appealing but you can find some pretty coves if you walk further along the coast.

The wide bay of Gourna on the west coast has the longest sandy beach on the island and is far less developed than the east coast resorts.

At the southern tip of Leros you’ll find the pleasant sandy beach of Xirokambos – a popular spot for day trippers from the neighbouring island of Kalymnos. Panos Diving Club, located in an olive grove about 750 metres back from the beach, offers courses for beginners and excursions for experienced divers.

Alinda beach

The most touristic beach is in Alinda with facilities for water sports such as windsurfing, canoeing and skiing. The beach has several pines and tamarisk trees that offer shade as well as rented umbrellas and sunbeds. Just a few steps you will find all kinds of shops, restaurants, bars and taverns as well as most hotels on the island.

Going northeast of Alinda beach through a road full of pine trees you will find Panagies beach on both sides of a small hill with a small church. The first beach has sand and the second pebble. Walking from the second beach and passing a spring you will find the beach Two Lisgaria, a beautiful beach with eucalyptus and a bar Zefyros that organizes beach parties and a restaurant. The road from Alinda to these beaches is paved.

alinda beach


Panteli beach

Panteli beach is one of the most popular beach in Leros is the beach of Panteli, at one end it has fine pebbles and at the other it has sand. The beach is well organized with showers and cabins, has umbrellas with sunbeds and is ideal for families with children as well as snorkelling. Next to the beach you will find cafes and fish taverns, as well as a wonderful cafeteria bar in Castello that offers amazing views as well as free internet cafes.



Vromolithos beach

The beach of Vromolithos is located next to the bay of Pantelio. You can go there from the steps to Panteli that go up to Spilia and turn left on the road that goes to Vromolithos. If you are coming from Lakki turn right in Agyra towards Vromolithos. The beach has umbrellas and sunbeds on the north side and there is parking for cars next to the tavern Paradisos. The second entrance is from the restaurant Pigadi. Vromolithos is generally a beautiful beach with pebbles and sand. If you go south over the rocks you can go to the beach of Tourkopigados, small with rocks for diving.

vromolithos beach


Xirokambos beach

Another big beach is in Xirokampos, it is not organized like the beaches we mentioned but it has tamarisk trees for shade and some taverns for food like Aloni. In Lakki is the beach Koulouki very close to the port with sand and a restaurant. If you walk about 300 meters you will reach Merkies beach where you will find the war museum of Leros. Merkia has pebbles and trees on the beach for shade and is usually not very crowded. If you go to Katsouni you will find many coves ideal for diving with crystal clear waters, in Kokkina you will find another small beach.



Gurna beach

The beach of Gournas in the northwest is close to Alinda and is entirely sandy. This is probably the best beach of Leros but it has not developed as it should, the problem is that it is caught by the meltemi but it is ideal for surfing. You will find umbrellas and a tavern as well as trees on the beach for shade. Near Gourna are the beaches of Drymonas and Kokkali.

gurna beach


Blefuti beach

To the north of the island is Plefoutis beach, a large pebble beach with several tamarisk trees for shade. If you go to the end of the beach you will find small coves where you will be completely alone. At the beginning of the beach there is the beach restaurant with fresh fish and appetizers.Quiet, narrow sandy beach with tamarisk trees, taverns and families. If you have an appetite for climbing, look for the early Christian basilica at the top of the hill on a private property.



Dyo Lisgaria

You can get to the beach of Dyo Lisgaria continuing the coastal road of Alinda to the east. After the bay of the small beach Panagies at a distance of a few dozens of meters located the beach, small but with a beautiful view to Agia Marina and the castle. It is organized with umbrellas and sunbeds. Under the eucalyptus trees you can enjoy snacks and drinks from the bar Zefyros.



Kryfos beach

One of the beaches of Leros where you can swim “Au Naturel” is Kryfos beach, from Dyo Lisgaria beach a rough and rocky road, ideal for hikers, leads to this beautiful beach with the aqua marine colours. The best way to get there though, is by boat from Agia Marina. The beach lately has been organised with umbrellas and a small cantine.



Merkies beach

After the port in Lakki the road leads west to Merkies Beach which is located after the small beach of Koulouki.  Merkies is a beach mainly for families, it is not organised and has only pebbles but the tamarisk trees offer plenty of shade while the wonderful Lime bar at the east end offers drinks and food plus a pontoon with umbrellas. Continuing west of Merkies there are small secluded beaches dotted with pine trees



Koulouki beach

The nearest beach of Laki just a few meters away from the port, the east part has thin sand and many eucalyptus trees, unfortunately the sea currents have washed out the sand under the restaurant bar Koulouki. Next to Koulouki is the small picturesque beach of the Yacht federation.


Agia Kioura beach

Some they say is the best beach of Leros. It is located near the church of Agia Kioura and in fact is an extention of Blefouti beach that seperates them a small cape. You can go there by car until the church and continue by foot.It has crystal clear waters and offer wonderful views at the near by islets at the entrance of Blefuti gulf. The downside is that there are no trees or any umbrellas and not even a cantine. It is advisable to bring your own refreshments.

agia kioura beach

Kokkali beach

Kokkali beach located between the small islet of Agios Isidoros and the beach of Gurna. You can access the beache from the north west end of Gurna beach going over the small cape. It is a sandy narrow beach and at many spots you can see rare vegetation. At  Kokkali there are some new villas that destroyed the natural enviroment of the beach. Still though is a non touristy beach without any infrastructure where you can enjoy a deep away from the crawds.


Damari beach

The beach of Damari or Ntamari is a relatively new beach, it was created from the gravels of the quarry over the small cove facing the islet of Agia Kyriaki. The beach is accesible by bought only. It has crystal clear water but there is not any shade or infrastructure. At the west end of the beach the rocks offer some shadow after high noon.

damari beach

Kavouradena beach

The hidden cove next to the church of Panagia Kavouradena in Xirokampos has a small beach under a small cave. Known mostly to the locals is an ideal place for pic nick and snorkeling, very rare you will find any intruders of this isolated small beach. For food or snacks the beach of Xirokampos is just a few hunderd meters away


Gurnes cove beach

That beach located in the bay of Gourna at the south west end of the gulf. It is known only to a few locals who have boats. It is difficult to access it by car because the road ends at the top of the hill over the beach. If you want to go there the best way is by boat, but if you want to go by car you should take the road from Lakki to Gurna and at the area of Plaka you make a left turn towards the monastery of Saint Angels. From there you leave the car car and continue by foot.

beach gurnes


Continuing nort east from Vromolithos climp over the rocky small cape there is the small beach of Tourkopigaso. The beach has not any facilities and the when the meltemi blows is not advisable to swim. There are a few trees for shade and the beach is mainly pebbles.


Vourlidia beach

Like Tourkopigado, Vourlidia beach, together with Agios Georgios and Damari beach constitutes the beaches facing Panteli to the north. The best way to go there iby scooter or car is to follow the road that starts from the Bowling club at Agyra and follow towards its end at the small church of Agios Georgios.

From there you can go walking from the beach of Agios Georgios, the best way though is to go by boat or a canoo from Panteli.


Red beach ( Kokkina )

The red beach took its name from the colour of the rocks that suround the beach. It is located further to the west from Merkies beach towards the cape Katsouni. It is a small pebbly beach accesible by car or bike. There are some trees for shade and it covered from the meltemi wind since it is within the Lakki guld to the north side. It is not recomended for families with kids because of the odd wasps that strangelly, like this place.


Bishop’s beach Panteli

The cave of bishop or Spilia tou Despoti is a hidden cove with pebbles and a small cave a the far east end of Hohlakopos beach. You can go there swimming from Hohlakopos or climb the rocks at the end of the beach. It is almost unknown to tourists and very intimate. Excelent place for pick nick, snorkeling and bathing au naturele.

despotis beach

Hohlakopos beach Panteli

The name hohlakopos derives from hohlakas ( big peebble ) an that’s the reason the beach took its name. The beach is at the east side of Panteli a little futher from Kokkinis apartments, you can park the car and go down to that beach. It has large and small pebbles and it is not the kind of “the amazing beach”. At the end you will find the Bishop’s cave climpig over the red rocks.


Drymonas beach

The beach of Drymonas located at the north west end of Gurna beach. There is a small restaurant and a church further down the path. It is accesible by car or scooter, to get there at the end of the road that leads from Gurna to Lakki take the first exit to the left. In fact is a tiny beach with a few trees for shade. In In case you want to eat some fresh fish there is the small fish tavern next to the beach.

drymonas beach