Leros beach guide

The beaches of Leros are to be found around the 78 km of lacy shores with small and secluded bays and coves that surround the island. There are several beaches mainly with pebbles and some with sand. Many of them are organized with umbrellas and sunbeds and other tourist facilities mainly in Alinda, Panteli beach, Gurna, Blefuti and elswhere.

The beach of Agia Kiura with its turquoise waters, you go there from Partheni where there is a passable dirt road. Of course, it is tiny and easy to fill. Going down, stop at the church of the same name with the special paintings. Most popular, Bromolithos has sunbeds and a beach bar. Alinda is again the favorite of the youth, with a beach bar and a narrow sandy beach.

A little further down, Dyo Liskaria is a small beach with a cafe-bar. Walkers, on the other hand, prefer Kryfos. Merikia to the south is a narrow sandy beach with a nice beach bar. Cross it and take the dirt road. On the second dirt road on the left you will find a beautiful and quiet pebble beach. Boats make daily itineraries to the surrounding small islands with the exotic waters from Agia Marina, while from Partheni you have the possibility to rent a private boat for the island of Archangelos.

Alinda beach

alinda beachThe most touristic beach is in Alinda with facilities for water sports such as windsurfing, canoeing and skiing. The beach has several pines and tamarisk trees that offer shade as well as rented umbrellas and sunbeds. Just a few steps you will find all kinds of shops, restaurants, bars and taverns as well as most hotels on the island. Going northeast of Alinda beach through a road full of pine trees you will find Panagies beach on both sides of a small hill with a small church. The first beach has sand and the second pebble. Walking from the second beach and passing a spring you will find the beach Two Lisgaria, a beautiful beach with eucalyptus and a bar Zefyros that organizes beach parties and a restaurant. The road from Alinda to these beaches is paved.

Panteli beach

panteli beachPanteli beach is one of the most popular beach in Leros is the beach of Panteli, at one end it has fine pebbles and at the other it has sand. The beach is well organized with showers and cabins, has umbrellas with sunbeds and is ideal for families with children as well as snorkelling. Next to the beach you will find cafes and fish taverns, as well as a wonderful cafeteria bar in Castello that offers amazing views as well as free internet cafes.

Vromolithos beach

vromolithos beach

The beach of Vromolithos is located next to the bay of Pantelio. You can go there from the steps to Panteli that go up to Spilia and turn left on the road that goes to Vromolithos. If you are coming from Lakki turn right in Agyra towards Vromolithos. The beach has umbrellas and sunbeds on the north side and there is parking for cars next to the tavern Paradisos. The second entrance is from the restaurant Pigadi. Vromolithos is generally a beautiful beach with pebbles and sand. If you go south over the rocks you can go to the beach of Tourkopigados, small with rocks for diving.

Xirokambos beach

xirokampos beachAnother big beach is in Xirokampos, it is not organized like the beaches we mentioned but it has tamarisk trees for shade and some taverns for food like Aloni. In Lakki is the beach Koulouki very close to the port with sand and a restaurant. If you walk about 300 meters you will reach Merkies beach where you will find the war museum of Leros. Merkia has pebbles and trees on the beach for shade and is usually not very crowded. If you go to Katsouni you will find many coves ideal for diving with crystal clear waters, in Kokkina you will find another small beach.

Gurna beach

gurna beachThe beach of Gournas in the northwest is close to Alinda and is entirely sandy. This is probably the best beach of Leros but it has not developed as it should, the problem is that it is caught by the meltemi but it is ideal for surfing. You will find umbrellas and a tavern as well as trees on the beach for shade. Near Gourna are the beaches of Drymonas and Kokkali.

Blefuti beach

To the north of the island is Plefoutis beach, a large pebble beach with several tamarisk trees for shade. If you go to the end of the beach you will find small coves where you will be completely alone. At the beginning of the beach there is the beach restaurant with fresh fish and appetizers.Quiet, narrow sandy beach with tamarisk trees, taverns and families. If you have an appetite for climbing, look for the early Christian basilica at the top of the hill on a private property.

Dyo Lisgaria

dyo lisgariaYou can get to the beach of Dyo Lisgaria continuing the coastal road of Alinda to the east. After the bay of the small beach Panagies at a distance of a few dozens of meters located the beach, small but with a beautiful view to Agia Marina and the castle. It is organized with umbrellas and sunbeds. Under the eucalyptus trees you can enjoy snacks and drinks from the bar Zefyros.

Kryfos beach

kryfos beachOne of the beaches of Leros where you can swim “Au Naturel” is Kryfos beach, from Dyo Lisgaria beach a rough and rocky road, ideal for hikers, leads to this beautiful beach with the aqua marine colours. The best way to get there though, is by boat from Agia Marina. The beach lately has been organised with umbrellas and a small cantine.


After the port in Lakki the road leads west to Merkies Beach which is located after the small beach of Koulouki.  Merkies is a beach mainly for families, it is not organised and has only pebbles but the tamarisk trees offer plenty of shade while the wonderful snack bar Lime at the east end offers drinks and food plus a pontoon with umbrellas. Continuing west of Merkies there are small secluded beaches dotted with pine trees


Koulouki beach

koulouki beachThe nearest beach of Laki just a few meters away from the port, the east part has thin sand and many eucalyptus trees, unfortunately the sea currents have washed out the sand under the restaurant bar Koulouki. Next to Koulouki is the small picturesque beach of the Yacht federation.