Leros Airport

Leros Airport (IATA Code – LRS) is located in the northern part of the island at Partheni. Its operation began in 1984, and it services small airplanes with about 50 seats. The airline that serves the island is Olympic and Aegean airlines. Usually Olympic closes 25 seats per flight and depends onthe winds if there are places for more people.If you do not find a ticket you can go on hold and go early at the airport usually you will have a chance of 90% flying. Olympic offices have been transferred to the airport.
Phones are 2247022275 and 2467044330. Flights to Athens are at 11 am and some days there are 2 flights. From Athens the flight takes off at 9.30, a flight duration of 45-55 minutes.

The area of ​​the airport’s building facilities is 180 m2. With a runway length of 1015×30 m.
Information from Athens airport tel. 210 9368424
There is no bus to the airport but you can go by taxi. the airport is about 3 km from Platanos.
Leros has made great efforts to expand the airfield so that large planes can land but have not been successful so far. If this happens, not only Leros, but also Patmos and Lipsi will benefit. The issue is mainly dur to the tourist interests of other larger islands of the Dodecanese.


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