Blefuti Leros

blefutiPlefuti or Blefuti is one of the north locations on Leros .Excellent beach ,quiet, ideal for daily excursions.

The well protected golf of Plefuti its an ideal spot to spend your day swimming at the crystal waters.

An ideal place to make a picnic ,or go to the unique local tavern Artemis for a portion of fresh fish or calamaris(squid fish) and a Greek salad with a bottle of Greek Retsina wine.




Blefouti is located a few hundred meters east of Partheni.
It has a long beach that you close from the islets of Strongyli and Trypit which is said so because at some point the erosion of the sea has created a bright cave that if you go by boat you can see the sun going through that hole on the island.
Blefouti is ideal for excursions. You can swim at the beach and eat at the unique beach front restaurant.


In the spring the area is drowned in greenery and flowers. It is indeed wonderful to enjoy the peace of mind at dusk from a hill and listen only to the bells of sheep grazing in the meadows on the southern slopes of the Key.

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