The village of Blefuti in Leros

Bluefuti is a wonderful cove and beach of Leros, is located a few hundred meters east of Partheni on the north coast of the island. It has a long beach that is protected by the islets of Strongyli and Tripiti.

Trypiti (the hole) is called so because at some point the erosion of the sea has created a transparent cave that if you pass by open boat you can see the sun setting through the hole of the island.

Bluefoot is ideal for an excursion. You can swim at its beach and eat at the beach’s only restaurant Artemis. Blefuti is the most popular area of Leros during Ash Monday when most of Lerians go there to celebrate the day 40 days before easter.

In the spring the area is drowned in greenery and flowers. It is indeed wonderful to enjoy the peaceful quiet at dusk from a hill and hear only the bells of sheep grazing in the meadows on the southern slopes of the Key.


Map of Blefutis bay