The museum at Belenis tower in Alinta Leros

belenis-towerThe Tower of Belenis was built in 1925 by the expatriate Lerian benefactor Parisis Belenis and was restored with special care to house the Museum’s exhibits. The collection is particularly interesting, as it differs greatly from those usually presented in folklore collections.

This is due to the fact that the society of Leros in the period 1880 – 1920 was purely bourgeois. Thus, clothing, musical instruments, embroideries, wood-carved church icons and various other exhibits make up this remarkable collection, which is mainly characterized as historical.

During the Second World War, the Tower functioned as a hospital and since then they have remained in one room and museum exhibits include a makeshift surgical bed, medical instruments and a sterilization oven. In another room, the artworks of the militant painter Kyriakos Tsakiris, who lived in exile on Leros, since as is known, the island was used by the Junta (1967-74) as a place of exile for political prisoners.

The Municipal Enterprise for Cultural Economic Development and Welfare of Leros, like every year, organizes during the summer a series of events that take place in the Tower: exhibition of handmade constructions by the Hellenic Scout Corps, musical evenings, , games, amusement park and performance of Karagiozis shadow theater, Cultural Workshop, Nautical Games “Alindia and concerts.

Architecturally, the building is of great interest, as we observe a very nice marriage of medieval fortified architecture with neoclassical elements. The dark corner stones form a beautiful frame that encloses the rectangular and, at the top, circular bilobed openings, thus drawing the eye and preparing it for the ending, namely the battlements, which are also the main fortified expression of the building. The circular two-lobed openings blend harmoniously with the circular turret thus creating a symmetrical whole. The harmonious configuration of the garden is a remnant of the neoclassical style.

Today, Pyrgos Beleni houses the Historical and Folklore Museum of Leros, while large cultural events are organized mainly during the summer season in its courtyard.

Opening hours: Every day except holidays and Mondays 9.00-13.00 and 18.30-21.00
Contact Phone: 22470 25040