Platanos Leros

platanos As we climb up from Agia Marina we find Platanos, the second capital of the Leros. There you will find the island’s Town Hall, the municipal library and many shops.
The name Platanos was taken from a large plane tree that was in the center of the square and water gushed from a spring. Unfortunately, the big plane tree dried up and was replaced by a new one that will take years to grow.

Next to the Town Hall you will find the Leriaki Club or Leschi as it is called, which was created by wealthy Lerian expatriates. The club, at times it was used as a cafe and a place were bustling place where the people of Platanos meet to drink their coffee, talk or play cards. Around the square there are all kinds of shops, boutiques, grocery stores, bakeries, butchers and mini markets. You will also find patisseries and cafes. There is also a taxi stand and a bus stop on the plane.

 On the eastern side of Platanos square, the road leads to the Christos neighborhood and the steps that go up to the Castle. Next to it there is a one way street that goes down to Agia Marina.

Small alleys and steps surround the town with traditional whitewashed houses. The city is the main arterial junction of the island, from here start the roads that lead to the northern and southern parts of the island.

Platanos Leros