Leros hospital

The state hospital of Leros

leros-hospitalThe State Hospital of Leros is located in Lakki. It is housed in a large Italian building which has been reconstructed. The area is covered by a huge garden with eucalyptus and pine trees.

The hospital is well equipped and there is a surgery clinic where medium severity operations are performed. Outpatient clinics operate with the same opening hours as in other Greek hospitals.

There is a microbiological laboratory, pharmacy, first aid station, radiology department, obstetrics department, orthopedic and surgical department.

The hospital has a sufficient staff of doctors and surgeons as well as hospital staff. It has ambulances and covers the hospital needs of the smaller islands of the Northern Dodecanese. Phone¨22470 23251

The PIKPA hospital for children with special needs is located in Lakki, on the site of the old Italian hospital.
The Leros Psychiatric Clinic is located in Lepida in a green environment with pine and eucalyptus trees.

With the help of the reintegration program of the European community and the Greek state, today it is one of the best psychiatric hospitals in Europe.

Many of the patients live in self-managed villas and many social workers work to reintegrate them into society.
In Leros there is also a nursing home in Lakki.