Leros shops

shopping in lerosIn Leros there is no store that exists in Athens and you will not find it in Leros, except of course IKEA, Praktiker and the other large shopping centers. Lakki is the main commercial center of Leros. Here you will find supermarket chains such as Spanos supermarkets before the Stadium, Galaxy near the hospital, Pyrvolikos supermarkets on the main road next to the National Bank. Mobile phone shops, German Kosmote and Mikroland in the square of Agios Nikolaos. Pharmacy and newspapers.

In the same area you will find boutiques, optical shops, as well as bookstores, gift shops, toys, general stores and two large grocery stores of Fragoulis and Korakas. There are two garages and two gas stations. Another gas station is above Vromolithos and across the street there is a lamp shop and an electrical goods store.

In the old Italian market there is a fishmonger’s shop and a little further on a bakery next to the post office. Another good bakery is Florence opposite the Stadium. There is a butcher shop with fresh local meat in the square in front of the korakia grocery store.

In Lakki, in addition to the branch of the National Bank, there is a branch of Emporiki Bank, Alfa and Dodecanese Bank.

In Platanos you will find the Tahliabouris supermarket next to the taxi rank. Around the square there are grocers, butchers, boutiques, newspapers and on the way to Agia Marina you will find textile shops, tourist goods, a computer shop and graphic goods. There are law and architectural offices, wine cellars and home improvement stores.

In Agia Marina there are pastry shops, fish shops, a bakery, a home goods store and a paint shop, a flower shop as well as newspapers and groceries.
In Kamara you will find car workshops, gardening and floriculture supplies, a pharmacy and petrol stations.