Savana bar the trill bar of Leros

In 1987 Savas Filakouris, a young local fisherman from Panteli created the bar of Savana a bar that contributed in the tourism of Leros as much as this particular website and its webmaster.
Savas rearranged  his traditional house at the end of the beach of Panteli to and rustic bar.
He alone had the idea of its decoration with stone tiles at the floor and various artefacts on the walls. Even an old moto bike was hanged over the bar.

Slowly he planted plants and palms in the yard that within a few years became a tropical oasis on a small Greek island.


These years the tourism in Leros was at its first steps and mostly all foreign tourists ( mainly Danes ) were staying at the Hotel Panteli that was demolished a few years ago and now in its place  is the public parking of Leros.

All those tourists ( mainly women flooded the bar every night ) the success it was obvious for obvious reasons, the young Kamakis of Leros made Savana their main destination every night.

The first year I gave the idea to create party nights with happy hours, the first one was the famous Tequila night, down the steps on the yard a table with bottles of Tequila and shooter glasses were free to the clients. After that many parties followed with the Tonga night one among the most famous ones.

The music was a mix of Reggie, pop and rock. Later Savas rents the bar in two British guys Sam and Peter.

At that tome the crowds of the yachters start invading Savana and later on the odd greeks from Athens who had lately discovered Leros.

That in my opinion was the end of an era. The old Savana without Savas was never the same again.

But still it is one of the best bars in Leros, Peter him self is a nice guy and the music ranges from all genres of pop and rock from tje 70’s 80’s and 90’s.