Best restaurants in Leros

Whether it is the small tavernas found on almost every beach on the island – or in chic restaurants, one thing is certain that in Leros you will enjoy the cuisine and the taste of Greek food, local delicacies, seafood and fresh fish, grilled octopus, sea urchins and bubbles that have just come out of the sea, ouzo with a mezes of local salted kolio, lobsters, sea bream and sea bream, marinated fish with spicy sauce, skewers, pizzas and anything else you want. It is worth trying traditional sweets of Leros from Traditional in Agia Marina such as pougakia, Leric cheese pies with Mytzithra, Diples and almond cakes.
In all the resorts of Leros you will find restaurants and taverns with perfect service and tasty dishes.


Surrounded by a beautiful garden with geraniums, pergolas and palm trees, the Hesperides restaurant in Krithoni, Leros, offers you a truly different taste.
In the charming and quiet environment of the Hesperides restaurant you will enjoy French and Greek cuisine, delicious appetizers and fine wines.
You can find the Hesperides restaurant in Krithoni next to the Krithonis Paradise hotel.
Phone 2247022200

Restaurants in Panteli

apostolis-psaropoulaPsaropoula, one of the oldest restaurants in Leros is located in the small traditional fishing village of Panteli next to the sea. With tables on the beach you will enjoy lunch or dinner with an excellent view of the boats and the panorama of Panteli Bay and the coast of Kalymnos.

The restaurant has excellent quality and excellent cuisine. Squid, pollock, mullet, bream, bream, traditional home-made food made from Evagelia the wife of the owner Apostolis. His speciality are the grilled octopus, lobster spaghetti and salted mackerel.

Patimenos or El Greco restaurant, with excellent cuisine and specialties, is one of the best haut cuisine restaurants in Leros. The owner and chef Dimitris studied in Germany and every day creates a new special dish for its clientele. The food is grilled on clay avon that adds to the taste.

Pyrofani fishtavern a few steps further from El Greco for fresh grilled fish and varieties.
The Zorbas tavern is next to Psaropoula and it is also one of the oldest restaurants in Panteli, excellent cuisine and specialties from Antonis who is also the owner.

Between the Tzoumas cafe and the Patimenos restaurant you will find the traditional Leros sweets at Anna Karpathaki’s Leros Sweet and salty.

Behind Zorba you will find the Cafe of Michalis and Maria with probably the cheapest in Greece for such excellent food. the menu is limited and consists exclusively of grilled or pan-fried fish. In the summer you have to make a reservation for a table due to the popularity of the restaurant.

Another cafe that serves incredible mezes and delicious seafood delicacies is the Tzoumas cafe right at the Panteli  before Patienmos.

Kastelo  located right at the beginning of the beach. It offers drinks, breakfast, light meals, snacks, as well as Greek dishes, this summer the kitchen enriched with Chef Giusi from Italy offers genuine Italian cuisine. In summer it organizes many events and evenings with live Greek music. Kastelo gives you the feeling of a cosmopolitan place.

At Siroko, the cafe bar of the Pandeli beach hotel, you can enjoy drinks, snacks and coffee at tables on the beach.


On the beach of Gourna you will find the Gourna Fish Tavern Restaurant right on the beach. Ideal place for fresh fish and lobster pasta. Further down the road at Drymonas is the small ouzeri Sotos.

Drymonas. In Drymonas you will enjoy the best seafood in Ouzeri o Sotos

Restaurants in Vromolithos

In Vromolithos you will find live Greek music at Paradisos restaurant on the beach of Vromolithos, excellent bouzouki from Stamatis who is also the owner. A little further you will find the restaurant Pigadi with Greek and international cuisine made with love by the professional Chef Panagiotis.

One of the best restaurants and taverns in the area is the restaurant of Dimitris (Karaflas) in Spilia above Vromolithos. Tasty appetizers and various dishes with an excellent view of the sea.

Restaurants in Agia Marina

Brachera restaurant is located in the port of Agia Marina with good cuisine and fresh fish. At the port of Agia Marina you will find souvlaki, gyros and grilled chickens at Kroupia.

There are also creperies and pizzerias as well as a tsipouradiki or hogoli. For traditional Leros sweets, Niki Karpathaki’s Traditional offers local delicacies from her mother’s traditional recipes.

Restaurants in Alinda

The restaurant of the Alinda hotel is one of the oldest and best in Alinda. in a wonderful garden and overlooking the sea excellent cuisine. A little further you will find Maleas and zoumpoulis restaurants.

Restaurants in Xirokampos

The Restaurant Aloni ranks among the best restaurants in Leros. Local specialties, griils, moussaka, fried calamaris and stuffed tomatoes among the best of its menu.


For Italian kitchen try  Ostria  in Laki.

Restaurant Petrino behind the old hotel Leros serves amazing meat dishes.

For a Pizza try Woodys in Lakki opposite Saint Nikolaos church

The restaurant Petrino behind the old hotel Leros offers the best stakes be sure to order in advance.

For your lunch, if you prefer something light, the ideal choice is Thraka grill in Lakki. For lovers of gastronomy there is Petrino in Lakki, Gourna on the beach of the same name with the possibility of ordering food to your liking early, the restaurant Alinda in the settlement of the same name with excellent food at affordable prices and of course the fish tavern of Sotos with fish of the hour, next to the sea, in Drymonas.

At the picturesque windmills, below the Panteli castle, you will find the View cafe. There you can enjoy your afternoon coffee or eat your ice cream with a view of Pantelio Bay. An equally good choice for your coffee is Roussos Square in Platanos.

For your night out there are many options for drinking, such as Meltemi and Thalassa in Agia Marina, and Kastelo in Panteli.

A good breakfast and a good coffee always contribute to a good start to the day, especially when you enjoy it at Soroko, next to the waves of Panteli beach or at Kinezos on the beach of Lakki.