The museums of Leros

Archaeological museum
The Archaeological Museum, in Agia Marina. On show: inscriptions and small ancient utensils. The Museum located next to the primary school of Agia Marina in a neoclassical building.
It is very easy to access from Platanos or Agia Marina port because its on the middle of the road that connects the two towns. In the same area the cultural group Artemis and the Leros municipality organizes several cultural events in the summer, Greek Dances, music and Theater.

The Ecclesiastical Museum, within the Fortress of Panagia.

castle museum



Featuring clergy apparatus, icons and utensils, wood carvings and other ceremonial paraphernalia of invaluable importance.



bellenis tower

The Bellenis Museum, in Alinda. Housed in the renowned Bellenis Castle, one of the most beautiful stately mansions in Greece, built between 1925 and 1926 of what was the most expensive materials of the time, brought from Greece and abroad. This museum is property of the Cultural Centre of the Municipality of Leros and features several by-shows.


The Historical Museum of Emanuel Isichos: collections referring to the history of the island, such as charts, photographs, portraits, printed material etc.

folklore museum

The Folklore Museum, featuring several old objects reflecting everyday life and traditions typical of the island of Leros, such as craftworks, embroidery, utensils, costumes, musical instruments, wood carvings etc.

The Press Museum, featuring old press machinery and printed material echoing the progress made in the domain of Printing and the Greek Press from the 15th through to the 19th century.


The Candioglou and Antonellos mansions. Both such buildings lie in the Platanos area and currently host folklore artifacts and objects echoing the history of the island. On show: various traditional objects. Also available: a historic archive and rich photographic material.

The War museum: The museum located in Merkia one kilometre west of Lakki port. The museum is hosted in a tunnel from the World War 2 and exhibits several items from this period and documentations from the battle of Leros during the second world war.

Libraries :
The Municipal Library: housed in a neo-classical building of the Town Hall, at the Platanos central square. Apart from its function of lending library, it also features many and as rare manuscripts, codes, books and a most interesting historical archive

The Private WW2 Museum of  Giannis Paraponiaris

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